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Testimonials from all around the world!

"Hi there Pastor Janice, I'm listening to your Youtube videos and I just want to thank you for sharing your gift with the world it has blessed me so much."​
"It's no accident i fell on your youtube Channel. You videos have Impacted my Life! Thank You Pastor Janice."​
"I was so stressed Out With life...Your Channel has really Blessed me! Gracias Pastora Janice."​
Hermano Roberto
"My Life is not in a good place right now... Im Struggling everyday to get it together! Im Just so Thankful for your Channel! it gives me so much hope to keep going... ."​
"I could'nt get a Job! Thank you so much for praying in agreement with me! God Is Opening so many DoorS! "​
"I saw your Witchcraft in the church video! and wow it was like you was speaking directly to me! I can see things so clearly now! thanks Pastor Janice! ."​
"I left Church and turned my back on God! Thank you Pastor Janice For pushing & motivating back towards Jesus! ."​
"Pastora Janice Thank You for educating is on witches and warlocks in the Church! your videos are very Illuminating! "​
"Your Videos Give Me Hope! despite all the odds that are up against me! "​
"Thanks for your videos! i thought i was crazy! i would talk to people about witches in church and people would look at me like im Crazy! It feels good to know im not alone! ."​
"Thank you Pastor Janice...Everything you said in your video is exactly to the T' all of that is going on in our Church! "​
"Your Videos Give Me Hope! despite all the odds that are up against me! "​
"Thank you Janice,for giving me Biblicle tools to make massive changes in my life."​
"Now I have a whole new vision for my future. The best is yet to come! Thanks Pastora! "​
"I felt very alone pastoring my church, Thank you for helping me build back my confedence! we Love you mama! God Bless "​
Pastora Michelle

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