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Restoring What The devil Stole!

We are a spiritual training camp focusing on family, love, fellowship, hard work, formation,
God's word, Prayer, Fasting, giving, serving, and walking in spiritual Power & Authority.
We are spiritual warriors and stand against anything that tries to exalts it self above
the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Giving practical biblical & life teachings to those who are
tired of the hypocrisy found in many churches.

If your last church disappointed you and your yearning to see change in
how church is done, Come help us be an example to those in our community.
By Keeping it real through your story and what you stand for.

We focus on keeping the world and
Occultism out of the church Of Christ not bringing it in!

What makes our pastor's different
They don't play games with the enemy!
They are as sharp as iron caring mainly about our salvation!


         Meet our Pastor’s 

Our Pastors Johnny and Janice Batista have captured the hearts of multitudes from all around the world with their unique and modern approach to ministry. They are considered by many a leading “power couple” in the inspirational and faith community. Johnny and Janice are highly sought-after voices to millennials, young professionals and wholesome families pursuing personal development, transformation and the discovery of Kingdom purpose.

They have been called to structured a church that’s focusing on restoring what the devil stole. There’s so many people nowadays who have been wounded by the hypocrisy in many churches. They know and understand 1st hand why it means to carry their cross to follow Jesus. They understand the magnitude of their calling and they are not Playing games when it comes to being the church.

They understand the criticisms they have received by friends and family….is the result of their powerful Kingdom calling.

They will not allow anything to taint….The integrity of who God called them to be…… This is the very reason why many Water down Churches & Gummy bear christians and pastor’s, Would feel very Skeptical about their associations to them.

They have truly shown themselves to be equipped for battle & Understand not every open door is their assignment. 

Very Few Pastor’s have been able to remain faithful with the little, with out secretly seeking occult powers to manipulate the move of God or capture the Hearts of the people.

Their passion & love for ministry for the past 15 years and counting has prepared them to be fully aware of the spiritual warfare that’s in the air…..Battling against them & Those under their care everyday.

They are an example of what’s God’s design for Pastor’s should look like, they have real testimonies, real stories to prove God has been with them since day one. They don’t need full chair chairs to prove their calling.

They understand that everyone who walks through their doors is facing a different battle. They only have one opportunity to win your heart over for christ. They will not use that one opportunity to win you over under false pretenses. They will not promise you a prosperous life that doesn’t require total surrender unto God, many churches are all ready doing that.

They are called to be different and set apart for such a time as this.  They exist to equip believers with the word of God so they can learn how to fight against the enemy and his schemes.

Everyone at cdr is a soul to them and not a dollar bill. They both work hard and make their own money.  If you walk into our church it is their responsibility to help you take your spiritual lives seriously, because they are already blessed beyond measure, They are not in ministry to gain personal profit’s!

No Matter what obstacles you might be facing, you need to encounter a real God who can help you get out of real life citations. 

Unfortunately many believers call them selves Christians but have a hard time submitting themselves to a Powerful life of

1.Prayer 2.Worship 3.Fasting 4.Word Knowledge 5.Giving and 6.Serving 7.Displaying genuine Love for each other

We are all christians and to them it’s extremely sad to see that other false religions are increasingly taking their religion more seriously then many christians take their relationship with christ. They have taught us that 1st hand. Unfortunately due to that we see many emotional church hoppers seeking to connect with God and placing a false expectation for Church Pastor’s & leadership’s to fill a void in their lives that only Jesus can fill.

They fully understand that the times we are living in will require from them more than just…Pizza & Social Events to be able to help those under their care gain spiritual wisdom. They need a committed generation who is willing to be honest and transparent when it comes to who they are. So they have created a bilingual atmosphere to make those who ready to assist our church actually be the church.

Because we are all saved by his grace, They give us and other’s the opportunity to integrate with them on how ministry should be done on a deeper level. We have seen through them and their testimony how very few are actually willing and ready to leave their life behind to follow Jesus, to gain spiritual insight to understand the cost of being a true disciple!

”Don’t ever settle for a Gummy bear , Sugar coated – have it your way Christianity!’ as they love to say!   

Being both born and raised in the toughest streets of NYC from international decent’s such as Puerto Rican, Dominican, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Spain. They have been able to create a warm Multi Cultural Bilingual Church for those who take Christianity seriously.

CDR Greensboro is a place where all people can encounter God, faith, and community in an authentic, relevant and uplifting environment. CDR is dedicated to serving a variety of needs that exist in our community, while building meaningful relationships with others on their journey to wholeness in Jesus Christ.

You will discover incredible people, inspiration, and support for your dreams, along with valuable resources and information.

No matter where you are in life, CDR Greensboro is a Covenant Keeping ministry not only for those of you who are locally But for those around the world who have experience christ through their Messages & Their True Random Act’s of Kindness.



We're Preparing a generation for
the coming of the king!

What makes us different

— We're Transparent

We believe transparency is the key to everything we do. What we do reflects who we are becoming. No matter what obstacles we are facing, we deal with them head on. Accepting the present is just as important as understanding your past. We embrace every detour and challenge thrown at our church!

— We're Praying

We believe in the power of prayer. No matter how long you’ve been in ministry if you can’t pray you can’t slay! We believe in giving believers the opportunity to grow in this area so when our friends and families are struggling you can jump right in to be able to intercede for them.

— We're Fasting

We believe in weekly Fasting to break the yokes of bondage all around us! The way we see it is, If you don’t fast you will never gain spiritual power over principalities coming in-between you and your victory!

— We're Reading

We believe in reading our bibles! We use the word as our spiritual arsenals against the enemy. Our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to pull down the strong holds around us!

— We're Giving

We believe in giving our 10 % to God. We are a 100 % tithing church. We understand that the most prosperous people are givers. A church who doesn’t Give back to their community is held back from advancing the kingdom of God!

— We're Serving

We believe in serving our community. But if you do so without taking your spiritual life seriously as far as Honesty prayer, fasting, reading & giving you will be in a lot of spiritual trouble. Anyone being a blessing to other’s will always encounter some from of spiritual backlash. 

No Matter how packed your church is...
No Matter how smart you are...
No matter how many degrees you carry...
Demons only respect power & authority!
you either have it or you Don't!

CDR Greensboro Join the Tribe!

Small minds can't comprehend big spirits. To be great, You have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood to stay strong!

Los Leones

Fearless Men who don't bother anyone unless provoked!

Mujeres Alpha

Territorial Women who protect their territory!

the Cubs

Children Born into a lineage of Purpose!

Beta squad

The most Faithful & Loyal teens born to carry the mantle!

Amor Radical

A Love that can survive the rain sent from the highest mountains!

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