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It’s our desire to share christian teachings, tools and resources that will help you walk in God’s designed plan for your life.

Each course is a combination of easy practical biblical theology, christian counseling, and personal mentoring or coaching. All of our courses will help you develop into a mature christian and a mighty end times warrior for the glory of God!

Once you purchase any one of our courses you will have access to it for a lifetime. 

Our CDR Bilingual Courses

Discipleship Training

Our discipleship training will help you grow closer to the heart of God and his word. Our job is to Lead you & and teach you to be more committed and self disciplined.

Leadership Training

Our leadership training will help equip those called to leadership, so they can lead with the Spirit of Excellence. A spirit of excellence will separate you from what everyone else is doing.

Pastoral Training

Our pastoral training will refresh pastor’s who are feeling drained and alone. Pastor’s called to ministry will be guided, so they can feel more empowered to form not only disciples but leaders too.

School Of Fire

Our school of fire will ignite the fire and passion of God inside you, and equip you to understand the word according to the Spirit of God who gives us wisdom and understanding.

School of Prayer

Our school of prayer will help you develop into an effective prayer warrior. You will learn how to put out the enemy’s fire and have demons fleeing back to the pits of hell where they belong.

School Of War

 Our school of war will teach you how to destroy every evil alter placed to fight against you and your loved ones. You will learn about different demons and high principalities And learn how they operate.

DEA 12 Month Mentorship Courses

Mentorship courses Only below
Module 1 Overcoming your past course
Unit 1 Overcoming your past course
Module 2 Overcoming your Past Prayer video
Unit 1 Overcoming your Past Prayer video
Module 3 PDF overcoming your past
Unit 1 Overcoming-your-past-workbook-1.pdf

CDR English Courses

English courses Only below

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Cursos solamente en Español

cursos en español abajó

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Bilingual Courses | Cursos Bilingüe

Bilingual courses below | Cursos Bilingüe abajó

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Every time we put together a course it takes us a lot of time, hard work & dedication.

Equipping the Kingdom of God the way we are is definitely a blessing for those who are serious about seeking to take their ministry or calling to the next level.

Each Gift helps us not only keep our courses coming, but it also keeps our church prosperous and moving forward in a way that blesses our community. 


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